A Christmas musical for Key Stage 2/3 by James Wright.

While rummaging around the attic for Christmas decorations, Sarah and her brother Jack stumble over an old dusty book. When the book is first opened the children are disappointed to find that the pages are blank. They soon discover, however, that they are not alone. A genie type character has appeared behind them called the story guide. He hands each of the children a pair of large colourful glasses. As they put the glasses on words suddenly appear before them. As they begin to read them they are transported back in time thousands of years.

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With the ability of time travel the children are able to unfold the Christmas story of Christ’s birth in its entirety, from the prophets of old foretelling his birth to Mary and Joseph fleeing to Egypt, to escape Herod's murderous plans. This production is both humorous and entertaining and features 9 contempory songs that vary in style from the rocky beat of ‘I am the King’ to the calypso rhythm of ‘It’s the time’.

This booklet comes complete with CD containing backing tracks, with and without vocals, full piano score with melody lines and chord charts, photocopiable lyric sheets and script. The performance duration is approximately 60 minutes.

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