Music by James Wright.

For Key Stage1. Incorporating 3 songs. Duration: 20 mins.

Freddy belonged to a family of frogs that had spent the summer months enjoying the many pleasures that their garden pond had to offer. But the nights grew longer and colder as the autumn days went by.

Freddie's mum and dad knew it was time to go in the water for soon the pond would freeze over. So down in the water the family of frogs dived, all accept Freddy, who thought he knew better. He couldn't see the danger in staying out another day. Eventually Freddie's life comes to a chilling end when he is found frozen on top of the pond.

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This play has a simple message: Lets obey our mums and dads and don't think that we know better.

Complete package including script, notation, lyric sheets and CD with and without vocals. £13.50.

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