Moses the innkeeper�s dog is very excited! Is it the brightness of the star that shines above him that makes him bark so loud and excitedly? Or is it the angry Roman soldier that he stole the census announcement bell from? Or is it the all the visitors that continue to arrive well after the inn is full? Follow the weary innkeeper on his night of many interruptions as he opens his door to all the familiar nativity characters and eventually discovers what all the barking was about.

This is an up-tempo musical with lots of lively rhythmic songs. A humorous script, lots of jokes and lots of opportunity for the children to shine, make this brand new musical a must for your school!

The book contains all you�ll need � the script, full piano score, melody lines, chord charts and photocopiable lyrics for acetate use. The script and lyrics can also be accessed digitally from the CD. The CD also contains professionally produced tracks all the songs with and without vocals.


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Complete package. £ 21.50

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Music & script by James Wright.

For Key Stage 2.

Incorporating 9 songs.

Duration: Approx 40-45 mins.



So much hustle, bustle (Street scene)

I�ve been holding on to a promise (Mary�s solo)

Stary music (To accompany a dance)

For everyone of you (Angel�s song)

This is the place (Shepherd�s song)

We have studied the scrolls (Wise men�s song)

Who would have thought that a miracle

Ring out the bells of celebration

Let Christmas bells ring out

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