A collection of 16 new assembly songs. Written by James Wright.
For ages 6 plus.

Bring your assemblies alive with this wonderful collection of 'values' songs. Catchy melodies, thought-provoking lyrics and a diversity of musical styles come together in this new collection, written especially to help promote the values children are learning about in school.

Subjects include: The values of life, Responsibility, Patience, Humility, Appreciation, Creativity, Fairness, Thoughtfulness, Perseverance, Courage, Simplicity, Generosity, Freedom, Confidence, Compassion and Positivity.

These songs have been specifically written to encourage pupils to listen, learn and grow with a sense of value for themselves and each other in school and as part of a community.

The double CD contains professionally produced tracks of all the songs with and without vocals. Lyrics can also be accessed digitally on the backing tracks CD as PDFs. Our indispensible book contains all you need - full piano score, melody lines, harmonies, chord charts, and photocopiable lyrics for acetate use.

These values songs are a fantastic resource for Values-based Schools. Brilliant for assemblies; to introduce a value or to play whilst the children are engaged in learning activities. These delightful songs will inspire both children and teachers to work with positive values in their lives so that they become living values. I recommend that every school has at least one copy!

Dr Neil Hawkes

International Consultant for Values-based Education and Leadership.

For more information about Values-based education please visit: www.values-education.com

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