A collection of 16 festive songs for Children
written by James Wright. For ages 6+

16 brand new fun-filled festive songs that capture the heart of Christmas, with lots of catchy rhythmic melodies, these songs are guaranteed to get everyone moving with Christmas spirit. An essential collection for use in Christmas concerts, assemblies and carol services.

The booklet contains full piano score, melody lines, harmonies, chord charts, and lyrics for acetate use. The double CD contains professionally produced tracks of all the songs with and without vocals. Lyrics can also be accessed digitally on the backing tracks CD as PDFs.

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Song List

1 Mary had a baby 9 Ring out
2 A Merry Christmas to you 10 He was born to us
3 Let Christmas bells ring out 11 Christmas is the time
4 It�s a message of love 12 Give me a C
5 All of the angels on high 13 For everyone of you
6 123 magical reindeer 14 This is the place
7 Let�s open the gift 15 The greatest play of them all
8 Ring out 16 When Christmas time is over

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- CD £12.00
- Song book £10.00
- Buy both for £19.99



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